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We have compiled a list of questions that we frequently get asked.

If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please get in contact with our friendly team. (Click on the arrows to expand the answers to the questions below)

1. At what stage do I involve a builder?

We encourage utilising a builder's expertise from the start as their extensive experience of materials and project costs can be used to help best maximize your budget and ideas. However, we are frequently approached by clients who have already engaged an architect or building designer, and this works fine as well.

2. Do I get a guarantee?

Yes. With Murphy James Builders you'll receive our unique 6 point guarantee so you can feel comfortable that the job will be done right. On top of our 6 point guarantee you will receive industry standard minor and major defects period. Minor defects are usually cosmetic imperfections that although unsightly do not affect the livability of your home. Minor defects are covered for 12 months. Major defects which can be structural defects, significant material faults or faults that affect the livability of the house such as major cracks, roof leaks, electrical faults or plumbing faults are covered for 7 years.

3. Why can't you provide me with a quote on the plans I have?

We can't accurately quote a job without full documentation. An Engineering report will stipulate footings requirements, size of excavations, reinforcing mesh requirements, concrete strength grade, any structural steel requirements and specific structural timber beam sizes. An energy report will identify

insulation and window glazing requirements. Architectural drawings will have full details of building requirements. We pride ourselves on being open and upfront and ensuring that there are no nasty surprises. Full documentation means that you get an accurate quote with minimal provisional sum and prime cost items.

4. How can I keep my building project on budget?

At Murphy James Builders we use a " 605 pt Quality Control Checklist" that is specific to custom building projects so that we can ensure every detail is exactly what you had planned as well as managed on time and therefore under budget. After all nothing will lesson the enjoyment of this process for you if costs start to run high. Of course, with builds there are unforeseen circumstances or even alterations that you may wish to add, this is why we'll price up any changes you would like or that are needed prior to starting the work, this way you know how much it will cost and avoid hidden surprises.

5. Do I need a Registered Building Practitioner (RBP)?

You will need to engage a RBP for all domestic building work where: The cost (including labour and materials) exceeds $10,000. Any work that includes re-blocking, re-stumping, demolishing, removing a home, or any building work that requires a permit, regardless of the cost of the project.

6. Should I request fixed price or charge up?

A fixed price can give more certainty from the outset and a better fit for those on tight budgets. However, there is more than likely going to be certain items of the build where a price cannot be given, these will be included as provisional sum or prime cost items, which the price can usually not be confirmed until work begins. A reasonable allowance will be made for these items. It is important when comparing quotes that provisional sum, prime cost items and exclusions are all checked against each other as most of the time the "cheapest quote" does not end up that way. Renovations may have unavoidable variations that cannot be foreseen e.g. repairing rotten structural timber. This would be classed as a variation and added onto the fixed price of the project.

7. Will I need a building permit?

Most building work requires a building permit, particularly new home builds. Each stage of the building process whether it be structural, roofing or even moving services they'll all need a building permit which is why involving a builder early is beneficial.

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